Rheumatology and

Musculo-skeletal Clinic


How to contact us

If you would like any information on whether the clinic doctors may be able to help you, or how to make an appointment, then feel free to contact us. 

The Rheumatology and Musculo-Skeletal Clinic is located at:

Suite 5/110 Remuera Road


Auckland 1050

New Zealand

Phone (+64) (9) 5299 348

Fax (+64) (9) 5299 278

The mailing address is the same as the clinic address.

The clinic is open Monday to Friday, not including Christmas holidays, public holidays, and some other days taken for conferences.  An answer-phone takes messages at all other times.

Referral needs to be made through a New Zealand-registered General Practitioner (GP), or other New Zealand- or Australian-registered specialist.  No new patients will be accepted without a referral.  Personal questions about a specific patient’s problems cannot be answered without the patient undergoing a full consultation. 

You are welcome to bring a support family member or friend with you at the time of your consultation.

Patient privacy is maintained at all times, and patient information will not be provided to other people, other than the patient’s GP, or referring doctor.  Patient-specific information will not be given out over the phone.

Emails are cleared weekly.  For faster contact please phone the clinic.  Emails are not a substitute for a consultation.  Medical questions will not be answered for people who are not active patients at this clinic.  Replies to active patients about medical problems will incur a charge appropriate to the time spent looking up notes, investigations et cetera.

The email is backtolife@iconz.co.nz